Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gardening Update

Casa de Montecalvo is still under the weather. So we haven't been experimenting with new dishes. We have been trying to keep up with healthy dinners.

We did a lemon herb chicken with corn and herb fried potatoes on Monday.

We had meatloaf on Tuesday with carrots in a garlic butter sauce. It wasn't very neat looking, and I forgot to take a picture therefore there's no picture here. The meatloaf, however, was a great freezer meal.

Tonight we had an Asian flavored chicken with rice and broccoli. I used a slim down version of the Asian marinade we talked about here. 

Even though we've been sick, our plants are doing pretty well. We have some peppers growing and some parsley:

Anyone know what type of peppers those are? They are pretty darn hot. They take a lot of abuse, but they are growing so well. The basil, however, we learned is not as drought proof as its cohorts:

I love the idea of using fresh from my garden ingredients. I've been bugging Marc for months to build a box for me to grow some veggies in. I guess we'll have to make sure that we attempt to harvest some drought proof foods. :)

Do you garden? Any tips?

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