Monday, March 12, 2012

The Joy of Life... in the people who surround you. We had a very sociable weekend considering that sicky McGee was just getting over the death plague. A good friend of ours celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend. We went out to the local renaissance festival with his family and many other friends. It was really great to see everyone, including some of our friends who got to meet little man for the first time:

Photo Credit: Rene Sanchez

Our friend Josh meeting little man. Vince soon realized that Josh is soft, loving and great for naps.
Photo Credit: Rene Sanchez

Vince relaxing in his seat.

Sunday Vince and I went out to visit my family and some friends while Marc stayed home and rested. We had a great time catching up and chatting. 

Other news - I'm down another pound, that bring it to a total of 4 pounds with 11 more to go. We're about 11 and a half weeks out, so if I can maintain a pound a week, I can reach this goal. It should be very doable. I'm excited.

AND I managed to flip through the new Food Network Magazine - LOTS of new recipes in there that pique my interest. We need to go grocery shopping this coming weekend, but since we haven't been in almost two weeks, I'm ok with this.

How did you weekend go? Did you get out and do anything exciting?

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